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Buddy System

Who is a Local Buddy?

A local buddy is a friendly and welcoming individual from the area who is excited to share their insights, experiences, and knowledge with newcomers. They're here to provide guidance, offer a helping hand, and make the transition into a new environment smoother and more enjoyable.

Whether it's exploring the city, discovering hidden gems, or simply being a supportive friend, a local buddy is your companion and resource as you navigate your way through unfamiliar surroundings.

What Would You Do?

You would be the first person that the Erasmus student would meet. You would pick them up, help with the accommodation and anything they would need. 

After that all you have to do is being in touch with you students during the semester in any case they need anything. During that you can enjoy events and trips organised by Buddy System and meet other international students.

Don't worry, your English doesn't have to be on a specific level.  

Do You Want More Opportunities And Experience?

Become an Active member!

Active members are also buddies, but more active and with more responsibility. You would have a right to vote about important decisions and see more of the internal processes of the organization. 

Become a Supporter!

Are you more interested in a certain branch of the organization's management? You can become a Supporter of any Board member and gain experience while helping them. It is also a great opportunity to try out things that you may encounter in your future job or that you would like to focus on later. 

After being an active buddy/member for one semester, you may become a Board member.